• Patient Participation Groups

    Patient Participation Groups (PPG) are groups of patient volunteers that provide vital feedback and input to primary care practices and hospitals.

  • Playlist for Life

    Playlist for life is a scheme being used in care homes in Pennine Lancashire that helps people with dementia by harnessing the power of music to help those living with dementia.

  • Time for Change - Being Healthier Together in Pennine Lancashire

    Pennine Lancashire is home to a diverse population whose health and care needs are constantly changing. Our health and care system needs to change along with the needs of our people into a system we can all be proud of. Learn more about why integrated health and care is going to help us be healthier together and improve outcomes.

  • Patient Access Online Services at Darwen Health Centre

    Learn about the benefits of the Darwen Health Centre's Patient Access Online Services.

  • Your Health: Warts information

    Learn more about warts, which are very common and can be managed and treated without a visit to the doctor.

  • Your Health: Spirometry Test

    This video walks you through a Spirometry Test, a simple test to help test lung health and diagnose any conditions that may be affecting your lungs. The test is carried out using a spirometer, a small device that measures your breathing.

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