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Over 1,000 residents in Pennine Lancashire benefit from Home First Service

17th May 2018

A successful service in Pennine Lancashire which helps people get home from hospital as soon as possible has supported over 1,000 people to return home safely.

Home First is an integrated health and care service which has been established across Pennine Lancashire over the past 12 months. The service has proved to be a success, and supports adults with identified care and support needs once they are discharged from hospital. Staff from a range of organisations work together as part of the Integrated Health and Care Partnership in Pennine Lancashire to provide care and support for residents accessing the service, this ensures the person stays at the heart of the service delivery.

Home First prevents residents from staying in hospital for longer than they need to and they are fully assessed once they arrive home using a strengths-based approach. This home assessment works exceedingly well as it ensures the service offer is right for the individual, it supports people to look at their skills and resources as the experts in their own lives.

Alex Walker, Programme Director of Urgent Care for Pennine Lancashire, said:

"The hospital setting is not as good at recovery and recuperation environment as a person’s own home once they no longer need active hospital treatment. By supporting people in their own homes this helps to reduce the potential risk of hospital-acquired infections, further complications and reduces recovery times.

 The Home First Service has supported over 1,000 people across Pennine Lancashire to return to their home environment with support, which helps them to regain their independence and recover whilst enjoying their home comforts.

 Although a number of the discharges can sometimes be perceived as quite risky when the person is viewed from a hospital or relative’s perspective, the pathway has proved extremely safe with a lower re-admission rate than other pathways and 95% of people successfully stay at home."

The service provides care and support for the first five days following discharge from hospital. Nearly 40% of people who have accessed the Home First service have not needed any further action or intervention after day five. For those residents who do have longer term health and care needs, the Home First team works with the relevant services to co-ordinate and set up a personalised care and support package to ensure people receive the help they need to live independently.

A newsletter has been produced which highlights the fantastic outcomes of Home First. This can be viewed here.